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Most of these writings are songs, meaning that the music is just as important as the lyrics. While some read half-decently as poetry, this is not really "who they are." And while most of my songs are based (at least loosely) on real events, sometimes they reflect the memories of certain emotions, rather than actual, current-day emotions. In other words, once the heart has been "stretched"--either through love or through love lost--the memories of those emotions and feelings are always accessible, whenever the idea for a song presents itself.


Purple Dream (poem)
Renaissance (poem)
Last Song of Summer
Sea Dream
Road to Paradise


Perfect Harmony
Memories and Maybes
Romantic Fantasy
Listen to Your Heart
Game of Hearts
Let it Roll


Mother's Prayer
Nocturnal Medley
Gracious & Grumble (Story Poem)
"Gen" Songs


Dance Poem
March 2001 (poem)
July 2001(poem)
September 2001(poem)
Left it all Behind
Winter Stars
Wasn't Yesterday

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