My Artwork & Other Creative Ventures

I began doing commissioned artwork in a variety of media during the summer of 1975.
While my teaching schedule and other school-related responsibilities keep me WAY too busy,
I feel it's vitally important to find/make time to nurture my own creative spirit!

Each year I accept a limited number of portrait commissions, and to see what else I'm up to,
check out my Etsy shop, and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest:


Recent Work


Pastel & Colored Pencil

Pencil & White Ink

Toddler-sized Backpack

Custom-Made Spare Tire Covers



Soup Bowl Cozies

Older Commissioned Artwork
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Fall 2001        


Creating a Pastel Portrait
Click the following images to see step-by-step images of the process


Non-Commissioned Artwork
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Digital Artwork and Animation

"All that Remained"

"Cast Pearl #1"

"Cast Pearl #2 (Selfscape)"

"July 2001"

"September 2001"

"Left it all Behind"
© SBK May 2002
"Wasn't Yesterday"

"Fade Away" animation
"Back to the Garden" animation
"Child to Woman" animation
"Winter Stars" animation

Environmental & Political Art


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