"Shattered Trust"

In an effort to artistically express the shock, horror, and devastating impact of shattered trust, in the spring of 2000 I created the following sculpture.

I used wire, Sculpey, wood, broken glass and broken mirrors, human hair (mine), slashed and stiffened fabric, acrylic paint, and burned and shredded bits of letters and photographs to create the piece. The finished size measures just slightly over a foot tall.

Modeling paste was built up in layers on the board to achieve a "stone wall" effect, and on the opposite side of the wall there are flowers, green grass, and a simple gate made of "wood."

While it was a rather stunning departure from my normal art style, it was a powerful and symbolic way to try to externalize and cope with a major "lifequake."

"Shattered Trust"
© SBK 2000


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