Front Dinette & Bed Completed!

It’s so nice to have ONE project on our Scamp finished!

We can put all the cushions down to form a single bed….


And the addition of a table pedestal (using a recessed base), also lets us use this space as a 2-person dinette:

dinette-table-091816  dinette-101516-1

We’re pleased with the way it turned out!  🙂


Unfortunately, we’ve seen some small leaks again at the front of the trailer–IN the dinette area (arggghhh….).  While we’ll make sure that the front window is well sealed, it’s possible that we have some more tiny holes on the roof that are allowing water to get in.

This wasn’t a huge issue when it happened before when we just had the insulation up, but now that all of the marine grade hull liner is installed, it could be much more complicated to fix.  Not sure what we’ll do, but we’ve been considering painting the roof with Durabak, which is often used as a truck bed liner.  Guess we’ll figure it out….