Honey-dawg, February 15, 1994 – May 23, 2008

My little Honey-girl lost her battle with heart failure and was helped to the Bridge a little before midnight last night. Before we left the house for our last ride together in the car, I watched in amazement as the cats tried to bring forth another miracle healing of their canine friend. But this time it wasn’t meant to be….

Her spirit was peacefully released from her exhausted, spent body at the emergency clinic where she was first taken in February 2003. As I told the wonderfully compassionate vet last night, while we never have enough time with our beloved companions, I’m grateful that Honey and I had “bonus” time together after the accident that nearly claimed her life five years ago.

So thank you, Honey, for being a kind and tolerant member of a household run by cats, and for sharing your bed — and your life — with us all.

Thank you for being my friend and constant companion — my “velcro dog” — for fourteen fast, fleeting years.

I hope you’ve found your doggy-friend, Spotty, whose spirit also left this earth at the age of fourteen in August 2006, and I also hope you’ve found my Dad. He loved you, too, you know.

Run free, run strong and take delight in what you discover on this part of your journey. But wait for me, Honeybear, and remember that you’ll always be my baby girl.

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