Simon: Basket Case Kitten

“Hellooooo! Anybody home?”

“Oh, hi! Are you pretendin’ to be the troll under the bridge?”

“I shall vanquish you, nasty troll, with my mighty ninja moves!”

“What makes you think Niko’s gettin’ mad? We’s just playin’!”

“In yer basket! Two points for the little cat!”

Simon continues to grow and change. He’s now 12 weeks old — the age that most reputable breeders recommend for separating moms & kittens…. Poor Simon never had the advantage of growing up with a mom cat and siblings; my son found him when he was just 3 weeks old.

Most of the time he’s still playing too rough and aggressively with my other cats, but I managed to take a quick picture while he was catching his breath on my bed after random terrorizing. You can see from Riley’s expression that he wasn’t but so thrilled to have Simon that close to him….

Most of the time that Simon is out and about, the other furkids try to avoid him.

Honey-dawg and Cirrus “hide” under my computer desk:
Kian opts to watch from on top of my computer monitor:

Awww….but what’s not to love about a little orange kitten? ????

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One Response to Simon: Basket Case Kitten

  1. kaye says:

    My goodness — he IS a feisty boy, isn’t he ???

    Looks like he might need a refresher course in appropriate “cat-iquette” …..

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