Kayaking – July 26, 2015

First non-pet update in a long, long time!  Thought I’d share some pictures from today’s outing. 🙂

We bought kayaks last summer, mainly to use on a large reservoir that’s about 5 miles from our house.  Since it’s a nearby, we’d just throw them in the back of our old (and not always dependable) Ford pickup truck and take off.

A while back we bought some Malone kayak racks, knowing that we want to go places that the pickup might not be able to take us, and today we decided to try them out.

One of the first challenges was trying to get the straps threaded through the upright supports of the rack in the center of the 4Runner.  I couldn’t reach this with a step-stool and had to get a ladder!  Then trying to lift the kayaks to the roof of the car was the next challenge!  We were both more than a little frustrated by the time we finally had them on the roof….


Fortunately, we were able to get the kayaks off the car pretty easily once we got to the lake, and away we went!

00-Wayne 01-BeaverCreek 04-Sharon 05-Sharon

The day was very sunny and quite warm, so we crossed the lake to the shady side.  Much better–especially when a breeze would come up!

We headed off the main lake into one of the coves…


There were turtles sunning on a log, with dragonflies and butterflies darting around above the water.  Just seemed like a magical place on this beautiful day.  🙂

08-Turtles 11-Cove

When we finally paddled back across the lake to the shore, we were able to get the kayaks loaded onto the roof of the car a bit more easily.  I hope we get this figured out soon because there are so many  lakes and rivers we’d love to explore!


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