And Just How Windy Was It?!

High winds were in the forecast for Friday, March 2, 2018, and the forecast was accurate–it was CRAZY windy!  After driving slalom-like around branches in the road on my morning commute, I arrived at school to find the main entrance blocked due to a fallen tree.  When I drove around to the service entrance, I joined several other teachers who were waiting for another fallen tree to be removed.

I finally made my way around to the back of the art building where I feed the ferals each morning, and I was shocked to see that the heavy wooden feeding station had been blown over!  Fortunately, it didn’t go all the way down the hill, but it’s going to take some doing to get it back where it belongs.

I put the food bowl near the water bowl, and then took these pictures from my classroom:


Mama Cat was NOT impressed….


Look at those ears!  And yes, she had to check it out….



I saw all three “regulars” (Mama Cat, Orange Girl, and Cali-1) during the morning, and even though they were pretty puzzled by this new arrangement, at least they weren’t injured when their sturdy “restaurant” took flight!

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