January 27, 2018

Interactive Map of our day trip: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XPvkkjzQw4PWIE3AimgDzhCdrz2EFkxZ&usp=sharing

A warm day in January provided a good opportunity to go for a drive.  We started with a plan to head towards Lynchburg on Rt. 29 South, and perhaps get together with some friends there. (You can enlarge each picture by clicking on it. 🙂 )



As we got close to Lynchburg, Wayne gave our friends a call.  When they said they had other plans, we altered ours.  We turned on a new-to-us road, Rt. 130 West.  Lots of pretty views on this scenic highway.





Oh–Glasgow!  This was the first time we’d come here from this direction. 🙂


Blessing the waters of the Maury River.


The Maury joins the James River near the town of Glasgow….


Bluebird right above the rivers.


There’s a nice little park at the confluence. Indeed–it’s a treasure!



Wayne spotted some interesting patterns in the water and started shooting some pictures.  Really love these!



We drove on to Natural Bridge, and it was our first time visiting since it became a state park.  Unfortunately, it was too late in the day to walk the trail to the bridge, so we’ll do that another time.



Driving towards home on I-81 North, I was reminded of the song, “These Old Dark Hills” by Robin and Linda Williams.

Fitting soundtrack for the end of a nice day. 🙂

These Old Dark Hills, Robin and Linda Williams
When day is done and work is through
I seek the old familiar view
Those faithful confidants of stone
Truer friends I’ve never known
These Old Dark Hills
On which sore eyes can rest
These Old Dark Hills
Ridge after ridge to the west
I hear the wind from a distant time
Blowing lonesome through the pines
From when the ancient wilderness
Was free of uninvited guests
Father of the timber and the coal
Mother to the music of my soul
Sister of the quiet and serene
Brother to the land of broken dreams
Oh, their grace and the majesty
Speak silently to me
And hold my gaze lovingly
How I ever long to see

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