Trail Cam Pics and Breakthroughs! – August 1-2, 2017

When I fed the kitties on Tuesday morning, I set up the trail cam to see what’s happening around the feeding station when I’m not there.

Apparently Orange Girl has decided to make like “Snoopy,” and hang out on top of the feeding station. 😉


Pictures confirmed that she DID get down occasionally, but that evening she was back on her perch:

Major “LOL” at her expression–“That’s the funniest looking cat I’ve ever seen!”

Mama Cat has continued to come over to me for pre-breakfast petting, and when I was there on Tuesday, she came back over to me after she’d eaten a little, apparently wanting attention as much as she wanted food.  (This was a first.)

When one of my co-workers walked by and stopped to talk, I thought the kitty would run away, but to our complete surprise, she came over and let my co-worker rub her!   Even though it’s taken months for her to get to this point, I had to wonder if she was a true “feral.”  Instead, I think she’d started to remember a “past life” when she was someone’s pet….

On Wednesday morning, Mama Cat was waiting for me, again.

She came over–with no hesitation–for her pre-breakfast rubs.

“Ah, yes, that feels so good!”

After she’d eaten, she came back over to me (I’d sat down on the concrete block I use to hold the trail cam), and I rubbed her a bit, and then cautiously, gently picked her up and put her on my lap!

She purred and “made biscuits” for a few seconds, then quickly hopped down as if to say, “Whoa–did I just do that?!”

But she came right back over to me, and I picked her up again!  This time, she stayed even longer:


Wayne zoomed in on her face, and I think she was truly remembering; remembering a life she had months ago–or even years ago.


She walked over to Wayne and let him rub her, too, (another first!) and then she followed us to the car as we were leaving….

I don’t know how this beautiful cat came to be feeding four kittens out of a dumpster last December, but I’m now convinced that she has known love before. My hope is that she will only know love in the future….

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