Feral Trio – July 31, 2017

This morning Mama Cat came out for rubs before breakfast.  Each day I try to rub her a little more–and in different places–and she was fine when I rubbed down her back to her tail.  She was “making biscuits” the whole time.

Orange Girl always watches when Mama Cat is twirling around my legs, and she probably doesn’t quite know what to think of it!  While she still talks to me each morning from a safe distance, I don’t anticipate her coming close enough for me to touch her–at least not yet. 🙂

And the pre-breakfast dance continued….


Cali-1 was taking it all in, too.

I’d set up the trail cam Sunday morning, hoping to see the black kitty (already a TNR baby), “Floofy Tail” (that I haven’t trapped) or other cats I’ve seen over the last 7 months.

I haven’t seen “Cali-2” (TNR – Jan. 2017) since late last May:

And I’ve only seen this kitty once, in late January 2017:


The large male I trapped in March was possibly spotted by one of my co-workers a week or so ago, but I haven’t seen him since the trail cam took this sweet picture of him with Orange Girl:

When I downloaded the trail cam pictures this morning, I only saw Mama Cat and Orange Girl, and the camera caught this “argument” between the two of them on Sunday afternoon:

Girls, girls!  You need to share!  There’s enough food in the bowl for several kitties!

I hope I can continue to feed them in one location, as I’d rather not set up additional feeding stations!

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