More Sewing Projects!

Right as the school year was ending, I decided to make some small makeup/cosmetic/gadget bags for my 7 female advisees as end-of-school-year gifts.  Of course I always get good ideas when I don’t have a lot of time to follow up on them, but with a whole lot of cutting, fusing and sewing, I got them done!



I had so much fun making these, that I started making more.

And even MORE!

I changed a few things from the first ones, adding zipper tabs, and also adding a ribbon pull to the zipper.  I LOVE combining different outer and lining fabrics and colors, and while there IS a lot of cutting and fusing (i.e. “time”) involved, I’ve found that it’s helpful to cut several pieces of interfacing, several pieces of fusible fleece, several pieces of lining, several zipper tabs, and several pieces of fabric at one time.  And then it’s helpful to do all of the pressing and fusing at one time.  Then, with all of that done, it’s a relatively quick process (hahahaha) to sew them together.

ZipperedBags-Ribbons-060516-1 ZipperedBags-Ribbons-060516-2

I really love how these are turning out–and there are more in the works!  If you click on a picture, you’ll see a larger view. 🙂

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