Willis A. Herron
Sarah E. Gentry Herron


WILLIS A. HERRON, son of Alexander Herron and Jane Colvin, was born September 05, 1831, and died February 28, 1918 in Nelson County, Virginia. He married SARAH E. GENTRY, daughter of DAVID GENTRY and JANE MCCUNE. She was born November 22, 1836, and died May 02, 1915 in Nelson County, Virginia.

Willis served in Company A of the 19th Virginia Infantry and was described as follows:

"Herron, Willis A.: Pvt. Co. A. enlisted 2/23/63 at Charlottesville. Present until admitted to Charlottesville hospital 5/31/63, chronic bronchitis. Returned to duty 8/27/63. Present until POW Harper's Farm 4/6/65. Prisoner at City Pt. to Pt. Lookout, Md. 4/14/65. Released from there 6/13/65. Residence Albemarle County. Dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes, 5'10". Born Nelson County. Farmer."

According to one Herron researcher, the 19th saw pretty heavy fighting during the Civil War, including Gettysburg, where they were part of Pickett's Division and made the famous charge.


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