Student Progress in Portraiture

I sincerely believe that everyone can learn to draw if they're met at the level of their ability and shown various techniques that will help them improve their skills. (For example, learning how to use a grid to copy and enlarge images is very empowering!)

Sometimes students don't realize just how much they HAVE improved, but the photos below show the incredible progress that Art 1 students in my classes have made in a short period of time. (The first portraits were done as part of a pre-instructional project at the very beginning of the school year. The second portraits were done towards the end of the first semester.) With patience, a good attitude and with a willingness to learn, they can do some amazing things! These are just a few examples of the hundreds of portraits that my students have done over the years.

While I'm very proud of the progress they make in Art, it is my hope that this challenging experience will help them realize that they're capable of success outside of the Art room, too. ♥


















































Pre-instructional Self-Portrait: September 2002

First portrait, October 2002

Self-Portrait: November 2002

Portraits, November 2002


To learn more about the technique used to create
these drawings, please visit: Gridded Portraits


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