Student Drawings
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Drawing is fundamental to everything that we do in Art! In addition to a variety of drawing projects in various media, my students are required to do drawings outside of class, which are graded as homework.

Assignment #1: "Draw a Person, a House and a Tree"
Introduction to Drawing: Lecture & Two Drawing Games

Intro to Grid-Method Self-Portraits
Gridded Celebrity Portraits
Gridded Self-Portraits
Student Progress in Portraiture
Student Self-Portrait Gallery
Complete-the-Portrait Drawings

Self-Portrait Figure Drawings

Still Life Pencil Drawings
Observational Drawings in Pencil (Homework)
Pencil Drawings (Projects)
Contour Drawings in Pencil
Colored Pencil Drawings
Colored Pencil Paintings
Colored Pencil-Black Paper Drawings
White Pencil-Black Paper Drawings
Mixed Media Drawings
Scratchboard Drawings

Drawings in Ink
Ink & Watercolor

Masterpiece Interpretations

Parallel Line Drawings

Charcoal Still Life Drawings
Charcoal Compositions
Charcoal Portraits
Charcoal Drawings of Animals
Charcoal (Miscellaneous)

Art 1 Student Choice Drawings
Art 2 Student Choice Drawings


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