"Sacred Circles"

"Sacred Circles" was a two-week, 4-hour per day minimester course during the 2000-2001 school year. During the course, 9th through 12th grade students explored the significance and symbolism of circular artwork found in various cultures and world religions.

In addition to the academic aspects (which included reading assignments accompanied by questions, as well as a required research paper and presentation), it was also an intensive art production course. Students worked through various skill-building exercises, ultimately creating their own personally-significant circular artwork. They also worked together as a group to create a large, painted mandala.

Student Artwork:
Scales of Light and Illuminated Hand Designs
Group Mandala Project
Student Circle Designs and Mandalas
More Student Mandalas (2-week unit)

Course Overview:
Introduction to Tibetan Art and Culture
    The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Tibetan Monks Creating a Sand Mandala

Introduction to Native American Art and Culture

Introduction to Celtic Art and Culture

Introduction to Christian Symbols and Circles

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