Mandala Designs

Beginning with a Power Point presentation which featured more than 90 images of circular artwork from around the world, and using the techniques found in Judith Cornell's Mandala book, students created circular artwork during a special two-week unit. This unit was based on and condensed from activities done in the minimester course, Sacred Circles, offered in 2001-2002.

These mandalas were created using Prismacolor pencils on 9x9-inch Tru-Ray black construction paper. Students could choose their designs, and their primary goal was to achieve a luminous effect in their artwork.

They worked out their designs on white paper with regular pencils and experimented on black paper with the various colors and layering techniques before beginning their final drawings.

To enhance their understanding of the significance of circular artwork in the world's religions and cultures, students had a reading assignment and related questions on "Sacred Circles."

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