Supporting Our Local Musicians – April 1-2, 2016

On Friday night, April 1st, we visited Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, VA to catch a bit of the show by Chamomile and Whiskey, an incredibly talented group of young musicians.

On Saturday night, April 2nd, we were at Rapunzel’s in Lovingston, VA for the show by the “Blazing Saddle Tramps,” a Western Swing group.

These are two very different genres of music, for sure, but with a fun common denominator: Brenning, the percussionist for Chamomile and Whiskey is the son of Mark, who’s the drummer for Blazing Saddle Tramps!

Occasionally you’ll find father and son on stage together, as in this brief clip of Willie De‘s band (featuring Justin Esposito on fiddle), from February 27th at Pro Re Nata:

Mark is the drummer for Wayne’s group, Peace, Love & Harmony:

But sometimes Brenning fills in for his dad!

Wayne’s bass player, Brandon, has his own band called Swagger, and he also plays bass for Double Faces Gogo Band.  In the meantime, Rob, the lead guitarist, plays with Peace, Love & Harmony, Swagger, and in a group called Bubba Rose.

In addition to Peace, Love & Harmony, Wayne plays with “Buck Island Bluegrass”:

Wayne also does music workshops for elderly and disabled adults, and he enjoys going to drum circle gatherings that are organized by Jim (of the Dreamtime Project and Positive Collective):

There is SO much amazing music in this area, and so many talented musicians!  Some of our other local favorites (and friends) include:

Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers, Jason Burke, and members of the Central Virginia Blues Society.

Please support YOUR local musicians! 🙂

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