Frontier Culture Museum – December 4, 2021

It had probably been 20 or more years since Wayne or I had visited the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia. With no definite plans on this Saturday–and with temperatures in the low 50s–we decided to get in some walking while touring this unique outdoor museum.

After paying the admission–and learning that their costumed interpreters would not be in the houses due to the museum’s winter schedule–we started towards the English farm.

Our next stop was the Irish forge:

Making some friends on the way to the Irish farm.

On to Germany….

I’d never heard of this Native American community from the 1700s.

The last section of the Frontier Culture Museum featured American farms.

And the highlight of this part of the tour? Wayne singing to a huge pig!

Due to the time of day and how far we’d already walked, we opted not to explore the rest of the houses in the American farms section, especially since this was more of a dead end than a loop. We were pretty tired by the time we got back to our car!

Next stop: dinner! Wayne had a gift card that was still good (after 2 years), so we splurged!

OMG… “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under” – decadent!

It was a most enjoyable day!

Until next time,

Sharon & Wayne

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