C&O Railway Heritage Center – Clifton Forge, VA – May 22, 2021

While camping at Douthat State Park, we decided to make a quick trip into the town of Clifton Forge to pick up some groceries and to look around. On a whim, we stopped by the C&O Railway Heritage Center, and our “quick trip” turned into an hours-long visit!

You can read about the Center on their website, https://cohs.org/heritage/, and I’ve posted our pictures here:

Locomotive 7534
Train ride for children
Locomotive 614
The furnace was in the front. Coal was fed to the furnace through a “stoker.”
Coal car
Baggage car
Kitchen in “Gadsby’s Tavern” dining car
“Gadsby’s Tavern” dining car
Sleeper car – private room
Sleeper car – bunk beds
Sleeper car – sleeping berths along the hallway
Sleeper car and private rooms
Blue Caboose
Red Caboose
Former freight station, now a museum
Another look at Locomotive 614
J.P. Morgan’s private car (currently not restored or open to the public)

We greatly enjoyed our visit to the C&O Railway Heritage Center!

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  1. Jaye S Parker says:

    Great pics of my buddy Wayne walking the train – I spent many years from 1974 until 2005 working the tracks & yards & so glad I began with Chessie System C&O RR while the caboose & fireman were still part of the road – thank you Wayne ~

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