Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – September 8, 2019

The last time Wayne and I went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts was Christmas Day 2013! We were long, long overdue for a return visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed the 5 HOURS that we spent there THIS time looking at all of the paintings, sculptures, and artwork of every kind.

Here are some pictures of our favorites from this trip:

Indian Art

I love, love, love Art Nouveau….

Dragonfly Table
Detail on a Chair

Before today, I didn’t know that most “Tiffany Lamps” were designed by a woman, Clara Driscoll (1861-1944). Peacock Lamp & Cobweb Lamp above.

Painting, “Born Again” by Sam Gilliam
Quick moment for a “selfie” with Sam Gilliam’s painting behind us.
Richard Estes has always been one of my favorite photo-realist painters.
Discovered some new ones today, too!
“Burger Chef” painting by Ralph Goings
Photo-realistic painting by Robert Bechtel
“Pool” by Robert Cottingham

Pottery is one of the oldest art forms…. Fascinating to see the work by various ancient cultures.

Interior of a Cathedral by DeLorme
Detail – Dog peeing on the wall, and DeLome’s signature – from 1657!!
One of my favorites from last time–painting by Laurent. The detail is amazing.
Close up of “Three Sisters” by Laurent.
This is a small painting–how on earth did the artist paint such detail?!
Peruvian pottery from about 400 BC
Amazing painting of the Rhode Island coastline by Bricher.
Wayne in front of a painting by Stewart
Incredible details, wonderful colors and use of light
Painting by John Singer Sargent, one of Wayne’s favorite painters
Contemporary piece by Tara Donovan. Hmm, what am I looking at?
Louis Comfort Tiffany was a painter before he joined his father’s glass making company!
Massive painting by Weeks. “Hour of Prayer”
Painting by Mary Cassatt
My parents would have loved this painting.
“Winter in the Country” by Durrie
Another HUGE painting, this is “Progress” by Asher Durand
Detail from Durand’s painting
This was a surprise; had no idea that Samuel Morse (developer of Morse Code) was an artist.
Wayne in front of a large outdoor sculpture.
Very different appearance from other angles!

Of course this is just a small sampling of VMFA’s collection and if you ever have the opportunity to go, DO! It’s most definitely worth a trip. 🙂

For more information, visit their website:

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  1. Some wonderful paintings, these works make me pale in comparison to the work I do today. These artworks are masterful and these painters took there time in the making of them. I have a long way to go but these artworks show me that miracles can happen on the canvas as one is painting. I just need the courage to go on with the ones I am doing.

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