New Skills & Lesson Reinforcement

Simon, Niko and Kian (male sealpoint) spent a long time on the porch on the evening of July 4th. While Niko and Kian are satisfied to just sit and watch Simon’s antics, I’m starting to wonder when this little kitten will be able to attain warp speed — he’s moving faster and faster every day!

One of his favorite toys is a crumpled up piece of paper, but he also enjoys playing with a fuzzy “ferret”:

Each time I’ve had him out on the porch, he’s tried to jump into one of the chairs. Showing incredible determination and concentration, he finally made it and was quite proud of himself!

He jumped into the chair and out several times, perfecting this new skill. And then, in what surely must have been an epiphany in a young cat’s mind, he seemed to realize that he was suddenly “bigger” than Niko:

With his new “top cat” status, the “submissive” behavior I’d seen a couple of nights ago flew out the window:

Which led to this:

Which, inevitably, led to this:

I never really saw him give in that much, but he finally ran out of steam. When he jumped into the chair again and started dozing off, I realized that it was time for school to be over for the evening. 😉

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3 Responses to New Skills & Lesson Reinforcement

  1. Jude says:

    He still looks “little” in that big chair! What a cutie!

  2. JKB says:

    That last photo looks like a wrestling move called a “suplex”! With teachers like that, Sir Simon will be knighted into full cathood in no time 🙂

  3. kaye says:

    LOL! That last picture is hilarious !!! 😀

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