James River State Park – April 8, 2018

It was Winter (again) on Saturday, April 7th….

Blessed with Spring (again) on Sunday, April 8th, we decided to visit one of our favorite places: James River State Park.  Sometimes we just need to be at one of Virginia’s beautiful state parks….


We stopped by the visitor’s center, and I again affirmed this message:

Driving down towards the small, man-made Green Hill Pond near the center, we saw this beautiful Bluebird….


As many times as we’ve come to this park, we’d never seen this pond before.

It was about 50 degrees, but the breeze whispered a reminder that we could have Winter again…soon….

Chickadees were actively participating in “call and response” songs around the pond.


We next drove through the campground, recalling the time we TRIED to camp here a couple of years ago: https://art-rageous.net/Soul-Journer/?p=593

We do hope to camp here at some point, but the cabins are also really nice, too.



Truly a beautiful day to be near the James River….  And with 1500 acres, there’s a lot of diverse scenery in the park.



It’s a 7-mile drive from the park to Rt. 60, and we stopped frequently as we were leaving to take pictures.



When we reached Rt. 60, we turned west towards Amherst which took us across the James River.  Downstream and upstream views:


We then traveled north a short distance on Rt. 29 to get on Rt. 151.  The mountain views are spectacular along this road!




Rt. 151 crosses Brent’s Mountain.  Whenever anyone questions why Nelson County schools are so often closed during inclement weather, this is one reason why:



It’s funny–our Blue Ridge Mountains look blue all through the year, but when you zoom in at this time of year, the lack of leaves makes everything a brownish-gray….



The last time we drove through the Greenwood area, blossoms were just starting to come out on the trees at Chiles Peach Orchard.  We wondered if they would be in full bloom by now, given our winter-spring-winter-spring weather, but indeed they were!  What a beautiful end to a beautiful day!





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