The Beautiful Ferals – August 8-9, 2017

These cats–basically wild, though they may be–are so pretty!  These are pics from the past couple of days.

Orange Girl:




Post-breakfast bathing:



Still so shy….

Beautiful Mama Cat:

Oh, how I’d love to be able to brush out all of the dull, dead hair from this kitty’s coat:

I didn’t see anyone this morning when I went over to feed them, but after using my standard sing-songy call–“Kitties!  Where are the kitties?”–Mama Cat came running over to me and started rubbing around my legs. (In this pic I have the trail cam in my left hand. I set it up before I left to monitor activity today and tonight around the feeding station.)

There was another new “first” today with the Mama Cat: I picked her up while I was standing and held her for a moment–twice–and then gently put her down.  She didn’t really like it, but even some of my personal cats haven’t liked to be picked up and held.

Wayne got some nice shots of the Orange Girl this morning:


She comes closer than she used to, but she is still very, very cautious.

Such sweet girls…. <3

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