More Progress with the Ferals – July 23, 2017

When we took food over today, the first cat I saw was Orange Girl, and she was very vocal!  I’ve heard it’s unusual for ferals to meow at a human, but this was the second or third time she’s “talked” to me.   This morning she responded by meowing each time I spoke to her.  Sweet.

Very quickly, however, I saw the Mama Cat, and I’m so glad that Wayne was with me to get these pictures!

“Oh, my goodness, pretty girl!  You’re right here!”

“Aren’t you the brave kitty!  Do you want to sniff?”

I didn’t try to touch her–and she didn’t touch me–but I had no idea that she’d ever get this close to me.

I backed up a few feet, and she went in to eat.  If you look closely, you can see the orange kitty between us near the small tree.  She moved next to the feeding station when I backed up a few more feet.


These girls have come such a long way from the terrified kitties I trapped last December!



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