MORE Cats!!

I was able to photograph some of the usual suspects again today, but when I looked through my pictures, I realized that yet another adult was near the feeding station!!

While many of these pictures are somewhat blurry (I’m shooting through a 3rd-floor window, with my telephoto lens maxed out), this is certainly not the same white and calico cat I photographed yesterday, sigh…

This now makes 3 adults (and counting…?) to try to trap.

This is the first time I’ve seen the long-haired black cat at the feeding station.  I REALLY hope this is the male (and the ONLY male).  At this point, who knows?

I also got some “family” shots of the orange and white mama cat (who’s already been spayed) and her two absolutely adorable kittens.



As to “good” news, I was able to get some straw today, so we’ll put the first feral shelter out tomorrow. 🙂


We got the first feral shelter put out on Friday morning.  We were somewhat limited as to where we could put it, and ultimately opted to set it on the south side of a tractor shed within about 50 feet of the feeding station.  I really hope the kitties use it.  We hope to add at least one or two more.

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2 Responses to MORE Cats!!

  1. Betsy Ballenger says:

    So great you are doing this for these kitties. And you got the shelter installed just in time. Surely they’ll use it in this cold weather. Good luck with trapping.
    You do know the cat in the first photo (tiger, white and orange) is probably a female too.

  2. Sharon says:

    Yep, saw your other comment. I’m pretty sure that the orange and white girl is the mom to the two kittens. I have pics of the mama cat of the four kittens in a previous post.

    But when we trapped the orange and white one, I thought/hoped it was a male! I was quite surprised when I picked her after she was spayed!

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