Elizabeth Thomas
Rev. E.P.M. Thomas

"Here lies Elizabeth Thomas, born in the year of our Lord 1827,
died August 20, 1849.

Rev. E. P. M. Thomas
Born in the year of our Lord 1829
Died February 24, in the year 1855

These grave markers, one basically illegible, are located in Nelson County, Virginia, just east of the Rockfish Depot on Rt. 617.

I could not make out all of the writing on the second stone, but trust the research of a fellow genealogist and friend who posted information re: the inscription in the Thomas "genforum" in May 2000.

Out of curiosity, I checked in the 1850 Nelson County census. This family was seen on August 2, 1850 and the following information was listed:

Edward Thomas, age 58, Baptist Preacher
Mary Thomas, age 60
Alsin Thomas, age 32, Baptist Preacher
Edward Thomas, age 22, Baptist Preacher (it was his stone I photographed)
Louise Thomas, age 22
Cynthia Thomas, age 16
Virginia C. Thomas, age 16


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