The Will of John William Anderson, 1826-1902
Nelson County Courthouse
Will Book N, p. 449

I, John W. Anderson of Nelson County, Va, being of sound mind and memory, do declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following:

Item 1st: I direct that all my just debts be paid, as soon as practicable, after my decease.

Item 2nd: I direct that all my personal property, of whatever description, be sold and the proceeds from such sale be equally divided and given to my six children.

Item 3rd: I direct that my executors collect as far as possible, all debts due me, and make an equal division of such funds thus received, and give the same to my six children.

Item 4th: In consideration of valuable services rendered me and my family for a long period of time, by my sister in laws Cynthia F. Rodes and Cornelia E. Rodes, I give and devise to them jointly all my real estate with the appertenances thereon, to be used for their comfort and maintenance during their lives. After their death I direct said real estate to be sold, and the proceeds to be equally divided and given to my six children.

Item 5th: I select and request that my son Willard O. Anderson to remain with his two aunts and keep the land, in good condition, and retain thereon whatever may be most advantageous to the support of the family. All over a support for his aunts, and after paying necessary expenses, I direct him to retain for his own use. I desire that my two grandsons and granddaughter remain in the family and if from any cause the said Willard O. Anderson should not comply with my request, I then select my grandson J.E. Anderson for the position on the same terms proposed to my son.

Item 6th: Should it be necessary at any time to employ someone outside the family to see to the interests of my sisters in law, I direct that my executors do, with their approval, what will be most advantageous to them and see that they are comfortable and well cared for in all respects.

Item 7th: I appoint my two sons James T. Anderson and Samuel M. Anderson executors of this my last will.

Witness the following signatures and seal this the 9th day of February 1899.

John W. Anderson (seal)

F. A. Williams

P.G. Williams

Virginia: In the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Nelson County--(too difficult to read)


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