An Introduction to Machine Sewing

Each year when we return to school after the Christmas break, we have a special “Winter Week of Wisdom and Wonder” (WWOWW) selection of classes and activities. Kids sign up for one class and one activity (there are so many awesome choices!), and this year a co-worker’s wife and I offered a beginning sewing class. On the first day of the class, we went on a field trip so that the kids could pick out fabrics.

Over the next few days, students made drawstring bags, hand warmers, pillowcases, and small stuffed animals. Such fun! It was SO much fun, in fact, that I decided to add machine sewing to my art curriculum (in conjunction with a sculpture unit), and the kids (grades 8-12) had a blast! We did many of the same projects we did during the WWOWW sewing class.

Before the WWOWW class, I'd bought an inexpensive Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Sewing and Quilting Machine for my classroom. It's very easy to operate, and since it's the same model as the one I have at home, I knew I would be able to help my students figure out how to use it.

I worked with each student, individually, while other students in each class were engaged in other projects. After they practiced sewing straight lines, back stitching and pivoting at corners, they were able to choose a simple sewing project to make. I found that the boys enjoyed this just as much as the girls did, and as one boy said, with foot on the pedal and eyes on the lines on his paper, “It’s kind of like driving a car….” :-)


They did great!


For more pictures, please visit my blog, Simply Art-Rageous!


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