Colonial Arts Unit
Quilted Pillow Tops

As part of the unit on Colonial Arts and Crafts, middle school students learned about quilting. They had the opportunity to see a variety of quilt patterns and learned many of the pattern names.

They designed their own geometric patterns for a quilted pillow top, chose fabrics to use (even choosing some wild combinations!), and were assisted in cutting out their quilt pieces.

After their pieces were cut out, they measured a 1/4" seam and began sewing them together (using a back stitch), according to the pattern they designed.

Once all the pieces were sewn together for the top, students chose a fabric to use for the back of the pillow. They again used a 1/4" seam and sewed the two pieces together (right sides facing), leaving a small opening at one edge to insert the stuffing.

They were quite proud of their finished pillows!




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