Art Education
Lesson Plan

Subject/Title: Name Illustration Portfolio Covers
Grade Level: 5-12
Objectives: To allow students to personalize a portfolio in which they will store their class artwork.
Goals: Students will incorporate their names in a creative painted design on their portfolio cover.

Pencils, erasers, practice paper
White posterboard (2 sheets per student)
Stapler, hole punch, yarn, yardstick
Tempera paint, brushes


  1. Show examples of student-made portfolio covers.

  2. Explain that students will be creating a portfolio design that incorporates their name in a "logo" or creative graphic style, or in a design that reflects their interests.

  3. Have students plan basic design on scrap paper.

  4. When satisfied with design, lightly sketch on one side (not the "shiny" side) of posterboard.

  5. Paint name illustration design onto posterboard using tempera paint.

  6. When dry, join three sides of the posterboards by stapling in the corner, middle of the bottom, and middle of the sides (5 staples). Use a yardstick to pencil in light 1/2 inch border on the sides and bottom of the portfolio. Punch holes every two inches along the penciled 1/2 inch border, and join by weaving with yarn.

Note: This is a pre-instruction project at the beginning of the year. While the students are working on these, I can assess how they approach projects, as well as assess their skills with color mixing, painting, design, etc.
In previous years I had the students use more staples and clear packaging tape to make their pocket portfolio, but now I think that yarn works better.


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