Flums, Switzerland, Circa 1880

This picture postcard was sent to me by a man in Switzerland who responded to some of my questions about Flums, Switzerland--birthplace of John P. Koontz.

According to this kind researcher, the postcard was sent in the year 1902, and was written in "Old German" which most of the younger generations of Swiss can no longer read.

The photo was taken close to the year 1880, the year when the spinning mill (the big white building) was established. Based on information that I'd given him previously, he said that Koontz probably lived in the forest which is behind the factory, up the hill to the left.

My last contact with this researcher was in 1999 and I'd all but forgotten about his promise to try to send me pictures. It was an incredible surprise when I received a letter from him in September 2001 with this picture enclosed!!


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