Spring is my favorite season! I love to be outside after the long, cold, colorless winter, and I've developed a real need to "dig in the dirt."
I hope you enjoy this "virtual tour" of my ever-changing gardens!

But hey--sometimes it's a real jungle out there!


Hoverfly on Coreopsis "Moonbeam"


The shady Hosta garden in early morning light

Cica's Garden

This is a memorial garden for my soulmate kitty, Cica, who died in April 2002 at the age of 20. Blueberry bushes, a bleeding heart and impatiens are planted here. In 2005 three astilbes, Cranesbill "Brookside", an azalea, Anemone "Honorine Jobert" and a columbine were added.

Copyrighted Image

I think this picture of ripe blueberries is the most popular image on my website!
Over the years it's been used (with permission) by a magazine in New England, by Kohr Bros., and in a horticulture book.

Cranesbill "Brookside"

© SBK 2005

Cranesbill "Rozanne"

© SBK 2006

Verbena "Homestead Purple"

© SBK 2005

"Dr. Huey" Rose
© SBK 2005

Rose Campion (Lychnis Coronaria)
© SBK 2005

Butterfly Weed
© SBK 2005

Monarch Butterfly on Buddleia "Royal Red"

© SBK 2005

Balloon Flower (Platycodon grandiflorus)
© SBK 2005

Bee Balm (Monarda)
© SBK 2005

Clematis "Jackmanii"

© SBK 2006

Clematis "Asao"

© SBK2006

Shasta Daisy & Pink Hollyhock
© SBK 2005

Stargazer Lilies

Beautiful, but deadly to cats!

© SBK 2005

July 2004: Blackeyed Susans

June 2005: Daylilies, Blackeyed Susans, Coreopsis,
Pentsemon, Monarda and Zinnias are in my "Yellow Garden."

July 2005: Phlox, Balloon Flowers, Dianthus, Verbena, Daisies,
Daylilies, Chrysanthemums & Zinnias grow in my "Mailbox Garden."

June 2006: Heuchera "Purple Palace," Hosta "Patriot," Liriope,
and Impatiens are in the new Birdbath-Shade Garden.

While it hovers and flies just like a tiny hummingbird,
a Hummingbird Clearwing moth (Hemaris thysbe) sips nectar from the phlox!

St. Francis, Impatiens & Bleeding Heart
Cica's Garden

St. Francis, Hostas & Bleeding Heart
East Shade Garden

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Southern Hawker

Great Leopard

Frittillary on
Blackeyed Susan

Swallowtails "Puddling"

Virginia Toad

Tiger Swallowtail on
Butterfly Bush


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