In the Style of their Favorite Artists

Advanced Art students were encouraged to research an artist or art style that appealed to them and then create a piece of artwork that was influenced by their artist's style or subject matter. Additionally, they were required to write a brief paper which included a biography or history about the artist (or style) and in which they discussed how their painting reflected the style or subject matter. This very open-ended project yielded some truly incredible results!

In the Style of a Japanese Watercolor Artist by Alex H.

In the Style of an Italian Watercolor Artist by Anna B.

In the Style of a British Street Artist by Marta R.

In the Style of a Brazilian Street Artist by Sydney C.

In the Style of a Russian Landscape Artist by Xiao Xiao M.

In the Style of a U.S. Interior Designer by Alex B.

In the Style of Aboriginal Art from Many Cultures by Rachael B.

In the Style of Whimsical Gothic Art by Sherry Z.

In the Style of a British Art Nouveau Artist & Playing Card Art by Leona D.


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