Colonial Arts Unit
Sculpey and Papier-Mache' Colonial Dolls

Students had the opportunity to create a Colonial-style doll, in keeping with the Colonial Arts theme. They began this project by looking through books to see examples of the types of clothing that women wore during Colonial times, and made at least one proportionately correct drawing from a photograph.

After they had a feel for the general proportions, they used papier-mache' over an empty plastic bottle for the body, and they used Sculpey clay to create the head and arms for their doll.

While dishwashing liquid bottles may have been a better shape to start with for an armature, we used what we had available--mainly soda and water bottles. For these, it was necessary to first build up the "shoulders" and also to expand the sides to allow for the creation of a large hoop skirt.


They painted the faces, arms and hands and chose fabric to create the costumes.



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