Motif Color Wheels

For this project, based on the lesson plan by art teacher Andy DiConte, Art I students first created a motif--preferably one that tapered at one end--on tag board and cut it out.

They used a ruler to find the center point of a 12x12" piece of white paper, and then used a protractor to make light marks every 30-degrees, radiating out from the center.

They traced the motif onto the the first 30-degree line, and then continued to trace around their pattern on each line around the circle. If their motif was asymmetrical, they "flopped" the design every other line.

Once the motif was traced in a circular design, they lightly labeled each one, according to the arrangement of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on a color wheel. Using just the primary colors, they began painting.

Some students opted to paint a picture in the center of their color wheel. When they were finished, the color wheels were mounted on matboard.



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