Before beginning this project, students studied the work of contemporary artist Yaacov Agam, who is known for his "kinetic" works that involve movement and viewer participation. In 1953, Agam created his first “polyphonic paintings.” He used two or more different abstract designs on a zigzagged panel, so that the viewer would see one image when the work was viewed from one angle and an entirely different image when the work was viewed from another angle.

Students were challenged to draw or paint three separate realistic images that were related in some way. After completing them, they constructed a folded paper "frame" for the three works that contained repetitive "mountains" and "valleys" that were 1" wide and 1" tall.


When the frame was finished, they cut their original works into 1" strips and glued them into place--either in the "valley" or on one side or the other of their "mountains."

Dana's Images

Dana's Agamograph


Shuo's Images

Shuo's Agamograph


Ivy's Agamograph


Jessica's Agamograph


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