2013-2014 Advanced Art Choice Projects

Advanced Art students were given the opportunity to create "free choice" portfolio-quality artwork. They could choose their media, choose to focus on one piece or do a series, or work experimentally. Their results were amazing!



Anna B. - Senior
Charcoal & Watercolor

Hongkai H. - Senior

Leona D. - Senior
Mixed Media: Crayon and Paint

Marta R. - Junior
Mixed Media: Colored Pencil and Water Color

Xiao Xiao M. - Junior
Painted and Stitched Purse

Xiao Xiao M. - Junior
Acrylic Paintings of the Seasons

Rachael B. - Sophomore
White Pencil and Colored Pencil

Sherry Z. - Sophomore
Colored Pencil

Sherry Z. - Sophomore
Painted, Appliqued and Stitched "Ice Cream Pillow"

Sydney C. - Senior
Acrylic and Ink Words

Sydney C. - Senior
Ink and Acrylic


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