Samuel M. and Emma Plunkett Anderson
James Thomas Anderson
Nelson County Deed Book 44, p. 190
October 21, 1918

This deed made and entered into this the Twenty first day of Oct. 1918 Between S.M. Anderson and Emma his wife partie of first part and of the County of Alleghany State of Virginia And J.T. Anderson partie of second part of the County of Nelson State of Virginia.

Witnesseth: That the said S.M. Anderson and Emma his wife partie of first part has this day sold to J.T. Anderson partie of second part his one third interest in one hundred and thirty eight acres of land which was given to S.M. Anderson, W.O. Anderson, J.T. Anderson by their aunts Eliza M. Rhodes, Marry M. Rhodes, Mrs. Ann Oliver. This land adjoins the lands of Mr. Dodd, Mr. Harris and others near Rockfish Depot in Nelson Co. Va. And sold on terms as follow: Two hundred dollars cash in hand the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged for this sum above stated. We bargain, sell, grant and give unto the said J.T. Anderson with General Warenty of title the land above conveyed. Given under our hand and seal this the 21st day of October 1918.

S.M. Anderson (seal)
Emma P. Anderson (seal)

City of Clifton Forge Va:
I, R.H. Gleason a Justice for the city aforementioned in the State of Virginia do certify S.M. Anderson and Emma P. Anderson (his wife) whose names are signed to the writing above being dated twenty first day of October 1918 Have acknowledged the same before me in my city aforesaid.
Given under my hand this 5th Dec. 1918
R.H. Gleason J.P.