This contract made and entered into this 26th day of April 1920 between M.W. Martin of the first part and Roy Sneed of the second part.
Witnesseth: That for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars to be paid as herein after mentioned, the said Martin agrees to sell to the said Sneed a certain parcel of land described as follows; all that part of the old Rhodes tract, now owned by the said Martin, laying on the south side of the public road and joining the land of the Virginia Soapstone Company formerly the Harris place, and the land of Chesley Johnson formerly the Stewardson place, and containing fifteen acres more or less.

The said Sneed agrees to pay fifty dollars cash and to execute his bonds payable one two and three years with interest from date; and the said Martin agrees and binds himself when the said bonds are paid in full to execute a good and lawful deed to the said parcel of land and for the faithful performance of this contract we have this day and date above written set our hands and offered our seals.

M.W. Martin (seal)
Roy (X) Sneed (seal)