Simon: Fearless/Foolish

Despite cat etiquette training by Niko and my other cats, Simon still doesn’t seem to understand that there’s more to life than simply — and repeatedly — pouncing on other members of one’s species. In a rare moment of discretion/common sense, he considers attacking my male sealpoint Kian, changes his mind, and gives him a quick “kiss” instead:

On Saturday when he was staying with his other GrandMeowm and PawPaw, there apparently was just entirely too much temptation to demonstrate his fierce and intimidating ninja moves in front of one of their kitties:

Using his speed, he was able to escape, unscathed, from this encounter (you can hear his GrandMeowm say, “Uh, oh — hit and run!”) but he was soundly smacked on the head a few minutes later. When he’s reprimanded by an adult cat, he may be momentarily subdued, but I really think he’s just taking a moment to regroup and plan his next offensive campaign.

At this point, Simon could clearly benefit from reading the feline equivalent of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”….

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  1. kaye says:

    LOL! I just love Simon’s “kitty ninja” moves ….. 😀

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