Got Siamese?

A friend of mine (hi, Michael 🙂 ) recently posted pictures on the SICC message board of a clock his parents had given him which features a tabby cat with a “ticking” tail. Quite cute, and he said that (according to the box) it also comes in Siamese.

Out of curiosity, I looked on to see if they carried these, and while they don’t, I discovered that they have an amazing number of Siamese cat-related items in their home & garden department.

You can find other cool cat-related products and accessories here:

The Siamese Store:
Proceeds benefit Siamese Rescue

As should be obvious by all my posts about Simon, I love all cats (and animals) and not just Siamese, and I’m concerned about their welfare. The following statement is on the Pet Pages of my website:

Too many wonderful–but unwanted–animals are dying in shelters. Rescue organizations do what they can, but there just aren’t enough adopters or foster homes to deal with the number of animals who are abandoned each year. PLEASE spay or neuter your pets, make arrangements for your pets’ continued care if they should survive you, and consider adopting a homeless cat or dog!





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