Simon Meets the (Fur)Family

This afternoon, I finally (purposefully) let Simon meet the other animals living here. Niko, my lynxpoint Siamese, had slipped through the door and over the baby gate a couple of times, but I usually hustled him out of the room pretty quickly. Today I allowed Niko to come in, but it was at a time when Simon was in full play mode. Of course “play” to Simon is very similar to something you might see in “Gladiator”…. And at times I felt like I was watching the old cartoons featuring the rooster, Foghorn Leghorn, and the feisty little Chicken Hawk: “Ah say, ah say, boy…yer botherin’ me!”

Niko was simply happy to be in the room (what is it about cats and closed doors?) and he was additionally happy to have the opportunity to snarf down some dry kitten food.

Simon had a totally different agenda in mind.

So sit back, fix some popcorn (and eat quickly, as this video clip is less than a minute long) and enjoy the following action-packed drama,

“The Adventures of Dining Cat and Ninja Kitten”

(I’ve heard that some people are having trouble viewing the “remixed” videos. If you’re one of them, please scroll down and click on the links at the bottom of the post which will take you to each separate video segment.)

Simon was relentless and Niko was incredibly tolerant, but after Simon had been (quite appropriately) bopped on the head repeatedly and occasionally knocked winding, I decided that a change of scenery might be in order. I took Simon out on the porch, where he was initially somewhat intimidated again, but I knew he was regaining his confidence — and that trouble was brewing — when I saw this:

I guess if you can’t whip the big cat, you go for a more reasonably-sized PART of the cat!

Supporting players this afternoon included Honey-dawg:

And my flamepoint, Kai (who preferred to sit on the table and merely watch the drama unfold):

When we finally came inside and Simon went back into “solitary,” all the cats were exhausted — and they slept for hours! 😉

For those who can’t see the remixes, try these links:

Dining Cat & Ninja Kitten, Part 1
Dining Cat & Ninja Kitten, Part 2
Simon & Niko’s Tail, Part 1
Simon & Niko’s Tail, Part 2

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2 Responses to Simon Meets the (Fur)Family

  1. Jude says:

    Although I can’t get the video clips to play correctly, even after installing the updated Adobe flash player, at least I can see the pictures. Extreme cuteness!

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow, Kai and Niko are gorgeous cats (and Simon is a cutie of course 🙂 ).

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