"I've Heard Morse Code in My Head"

Before I developed this questionnaire, people who contacted me about hearing Morse code did so via email. Unfortunately, a computer crash in 2008 wiped out all of the emails I'd saved up to that point--and there were many.

You may answer and submit this questionnaire anonymously, but please include information about where you were when you heard Morse Code (State/Country) and include the DATE (exact or approximate) that you first heard it and the date that you last heard it.

If you regularly hear Morse Code, please keep a log
of the dates/times and share those results with me.
Thank you!


Have you heard Morse Code "in your head"?

What DATE did you FIRST hear Morse code?
(MM/DD/YYYY or approximate)
(Example: 05/15/2011)

What DATE did you LAST hear Morse code?
(MM/DD/YYYY or approximate)
(Example: 05/15/2011)

Where do you live? (State, Country)

Do you live in an urban or rural setting?

Do you live near any of the following?
  a. HAM or Shortwave Radio Operator  
  b. Military base/installation  
  c. Power station/power lines  
  d. Airport  
  e. Radio/Television station or towers  

What is the "pace" of the Morse Code?

Do you know Morse Code?

Do you consider yourself to be more "right-brained" (visual, intuitive, processes ideas simultaneously) or more "left-brained" (verbal, analytical, logical, processes ideas sequentially)?

What is your age?

Are you male or female?

What is your highest level of education?

How did you find this website?

Please use the space below to leave other information (optional):

NAME (optional):

EMAIL (optional):
(Required for a personal response!)

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
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