Our Endangered Environment

Environment-altering technologies are changing our air, water and food and threaten the health of every being on this planet. Over the last few years as I have become increasingly aware of these environmental assaults, my scope of research has expanded. Some sections on this page are still being developed and all sections are updated as new information becomes available--and as time permits.

That said, trying to keep information on this page fresh and current would be a full-time job, requiring hours per day that I just don't have. And so I encourage you--I implore you--to google any of the terms below. You're simply not going to hear about most of this on your nightly television "news" programs.

Major Sections:
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - HAARP
EMFs: Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution
Various Environmental Crises
Genetically-Modified Organisms/Food

What We've Learned about Emergency Preparedness - June 2012

"The Only Thing is to See"
2011 SBK
I created this poster as a final project in a computer graphics class.
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