I'm scared of the future
And I wonder about my past.
I'm lost in a room full of mirrors
In a building that's made of glass.

Can't see where I am going,
Can't see where I have been;
When I think I've seen the light of day,
Myself is all I've seen.

Grasping for shadows
Yet frightened of the dark.
Dodging reflections
In a house so cold and stark.

And I press my soul against the walls
In an effort to break free.
But the only thing I ever break
Is another one of me.

A thousand years of images
And bits of broken glass.
An open door lies beckoning,
Beyond, a field of grass.

And I feel the earth beneath my feet
And I smell the distant sea
But when I turn around to take a look
I find I can't see me.

© SBK 1989