Robert P. Rhodes
Mildred Marshall Rhodes

Updated: January 2020

Robert P. Rhodes: 1797 - Before 1880
Mildred Marshall Rhodes: 1803 - 1867

For years I assumed that Robert P. Rhodes was the son of Matthew Rodes and Nancy Ann Blackwell in Albemarle County, VA. New evidence (including a chancery suit) now indicates that Robert P. Rhodes was the son of John W. Rhodes. Next, I assumed that this was the John Rodes who married (first) Tabitha Pearson, but if so, this would have made Robert P. Rhodes and Charles Preston Rodes brothers. In the will of John Rhodes (1846, Albemarle County, VA), no son by the name of Charles is mentioned, but Robert Rhodes is!

Mildred Marshall was apparently the daughter of William Marshall, Jr. and his first wife, Sarah Rhodes. (William Marshall, Jr. later married Mildred Martin.)

While it cannot be absolutely proven as there are no markings on these stones, these are the graves of Robert and Mildred Rhodes. The stones are to the left of a roadway that leads to the site where the Rhodes homplace stood before it was destroyed by fire sometime after 1878.

The graves are located in Nelson County, Virginia, just east of the Rockfish Depot on Rt. 617.