Oh, Lord, I'm frightened,
It's almost time
To meet this little stranger
Who's shared
This body
Of mine.

Am I equal to the task that lies ahead?
Last week I broke a fingernail
And it bled.

I turned to jelly...

Look at this belly...

No disrespect intended,
But does this make sense,

Given relative size
It seems
To me
That it doesn't....

Remind me to breathe
The way I was taught
When a dozen pregnant ladies puffed in time
With their coaches.

We looked so silly,
But no one laughed--

We tried to "focus."

How can I focus?
You know I have a multi-tracked mind.
This won't be easy...

"That's why we call it 'labor'," laughes the doctor.
I want to hit him;
What does he know?

He has never done what I am doing!
He's sitting there, not feeling what I'm feeling!

I want to go home!

I've done all I can!

How long
Will this
Go on?

How long
Can I
Hold on?

We're almost there.
I'm doing fine.
(At least those words reach some part of my mind...)

And suddenly, I see the whole design:

I'm part of Your plan,
Of Your Will, Divine!
In primal expression of Your
Creative Desire
For life to continue
For life to go on---

Oh God....

Oh God....!


© SBK 1991