Honey Gets a New Bed
A Photo-Story from Saturday, September 14, 2002

Honey, the small dog, got a new dog bed today!
A brand new dog bed, just for the small dog!
Yes, a comfy, clean, new bed for Honey!

Look how HAPPY
Honey looks with her brand new dog bed!

Uh, wait a minute.... That's not Honey.
That's Kian!

"Kian! Wake up, Kian! Mom says this is MY new bed.
I haven't even had a chance to try it out, yet!"

"Well, maybe he won't sleep TOO long....
He sure looks comfortable, though....."

"Mom, it's so hard being a 'good dog' sometimes..."

1/2 Hour Later....

"Oh, for cryin' out loud!

Now TWO of 'em are in my bed!"

1/2 Hour Later....

"Yo, Honey. Yer new bed's a little small, but I can fit in it, see?"

"You're taking up too much space, Spotty!
Scoot over--I think there's a meezer-sized place for me right here...."

1/2 Hour Later....

"At......last..... And it was worth the wait!
G'night, everyone!"

1/2 Hour Later....

"Well, you see, Spotty, it was like this.... I was finally in the new bed that Mom got for me. And I was having this wonderful dream. In the dream someone was patting my ear, and I thought it was Mom. But then I looked up, and guess who it was?"

"Yep, it was that pesky little cat, Kian. I tried staring him down and telling him to find another place to sleep, but you know how cats are--even on a GOOD day. And then he started doing this really weird thing with his eyes!! Freaked me out! I decided I needed to get out of there, fast! He got in my bed again and he just kept staring at me with those creepy, glowing eyes."

"I HATE it when they do that!"

"So.....I hope you don't mind if I bunk with you for a while...."

(Probably not....)

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