Art Education
Lesson Plan


Subject/Title: Aboriginal-Style "Bark" Painting
Grade Level: 5-12
Goal: To introduce students to specific painting techniques and to enhance their understanding of Aboriginal art.
Objectives: Students will produce a painting in the style of an Aboriginal Bark Painting.

Cardboard or matboard
Natural sticks (2 per painting)
Natural string/twine
Hammer/nail or hole punch (to make holes in board)
Tempera paint/brushes

1. Paint entire surface of board with tempera in a red ochre color. Let dry.
2. Use hammer and nail or hole punch to create 3-5 holes along upper and lower edge of board.
3. Place sticks along upper and lower edges of board. Wrap string through the holes and over the sticks to tie them in place. (These sticks were originally used to keep the eucalyptus bark from warping.)
4. Students may create an original design for their painting or they may create personal symbols to tell a story from their life.


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